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Here at Source Jiu Jitsu Club, our staff is the secret to our student success. We are proud to have a team of highly experienced and dedicated instructors who are passionate about sharing their knowledge and helping our students grow. Each instructor has a rich background in the Jiu Jitsu industry and is eager to train the next generation of martial artists. Meet the team below!

About Us: The History of Source Jiu Jitsu Club

Source Jiu Jitsu Club

School History

Founded on Aug 2023 so that BJJ enthusiasts can have a place to learn and evolve together. Our school was born out of its own unique origin, providing new methods to teach Jiu Jitsu. We at Source Jiu Jitsu continue to build upon our community and family envioronment. The club’s potential is limitless thanks to the passion our Professors, Coaches, and families have for the martial art and community.

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About Our


Source Jiu Jitsu Club embraces a modern culture where everyone is respected as a martial artist and individual. Our skilled and experienced instructors earn this respect, they do not demand it. This progressive teaching philosophy is coupled with a curriculum composed of modern training techniques. We work as a team to improve individually. A culture like ours can be hard to find but we’re proud of our community – one that respects all individuals whether they are a new martial artist or decorated Jiu Jitsu champion.

Our instructors also prioritize safety, ensuring that all students learn and practice techniques in a safe and controlled manner. They are committed to helping our students build strong foundations in jiu jitsu, and are always available to answer questions and provide feedback.

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Source Jiu Jitsu Club

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